Never frozen.
Always worth it.

We make packaged baked goods great—so savor one now, or while you ride, or later on. And maybe share—if you really feel like it.
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honestly fresh means
honestly fresh

'Cause to be honest, most retail doughnuts are not made fresh—they start frozen. It’s always groundhog day at TDP Bakery, we start again at the mixing bowl each morning and never freeze our doughnuts. You'll taste the difference. Check out our Doughnut Peddler page for more info.

more than just doughnuts

Craving something sweet and freshly baked on-the-go, or while you ride, or later on? Anytime is great for a BakeFace. Start with our amazing doughnuts then move to our generously sized brownies, cookies, brookies, muffins, and the famous Big BakeFace doughnut

treats are supposed to be fun right?

See that photo? That's our Big BakeFace doughnut, the other BBF. It's big, really big, 1lb and the size of a cake big. Have fun with it and show us your BakeFace on Instagram @bigbakeface!

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Meet the lineup

Photo of a chocolate covered donut with candy sprinkles on top
Strawberry Big BakeFace Doughnut
This GIANT doughnut weighs about 1 lb and is around 8" across!
Photo of a chocolate covered donut with candy sprinkles on top
Cookies & Cream
Big BakeFace Doughnut
Our ginormous doughnut topped with cookies and cream
Photo of a BakeFace brookie, which is half brownie half cookie
The Brookie
A brownie meets a cookie, and the world will never be the same.
Photo of a slice of banana bread
Banana Bread
Bananas are the #1 ingredient in our addicting banana bread.
Photo of a chocolate cookie
Chocolate Chip Cookie
Hard to beat a fresh-baked chocolate chip cookie, except maybe with a little ice cream on top.
Photo of a chocolate cookie
Rainbow Cookie
Our XL cookies are topped with M&M candies
brownie with chocolate chips
Double Chocolate Brownie
Our brownies tend to surprise customers with just how moist, fudge-y, and chocolatey they are!
Photo of a piece of cheesecake bread
Cheesecake Bread
The fluffiest yellow cake with ribbons of cheesecake cream on top
Photo of a piece of cheesecake bread
Strawberry Cheesecake Bread
Our fluffly, moist cheesecake bread with the addition of strawberry!
Photo of a piece of cheesecake bread
Brownie/Brookie 4 pack
Two of our most popular items together in a tempting combination

Find BakeFace Products

BakeFace treats are baked fresh and then delivered to local retailers daily. Below is a map of our bakeries and the states they service, as well as a list of retailers who stock our products.

Map of BakeFace bakery locations and stores

Store List

Circle K

Photo of a boy holding a Big BakeFace Doughnut, ready to dive in. Caption reads: "It's okay you deserve a bite"
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We manage the bakery case program to save you time
Custom programs for venues, restaurants, C-stores and Grocery
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